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Hey, My name is Kate, and (obviously I am new).
I just created a journal, and you are my first friend (s)! Feel proud. :D I can't wait to see more pictures of everyone!

So, here are a few pictures of me and my friends:

A little soft kiss

(I am the one on the right)


Hopefully these pictures are behind a cut. If not, then I will definetly change it.

First Post

So, my friends and I were just randomly making out to Depeche Mode last night, and I thought the pictures would be appropriate for this community.


P.S. The girl with the blonde streaks is me, Ashley is the hot babe in the white glasses, and Whitney is the doll face with the curls. :D

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Kissing Pictures for the Kiddies

Hello! I am new. (understatement if i ever heard one)
I just thought I would post some pictures.
I hope you like them. (I know we probably aren't the most attractive girls ever but I hope you like the pictures anyway) ^_^

My name is Umi, I'm the one with the black hair. The red head is my girlfriend Libbie. Enjoy!

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The rest under here........
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Thanks! Hope we don't dissappoint you too much.


Photo Project No. 1 (xposted like a mofo)

Okay, here's the plan, dudettes.

Buy a disposable camera and take a picture of as many different girl-girl couples kissing (or you and several different girls) as you can. Develop the film, scan the pictures, and put them up here. Let's see how creative we can get with the angles and settings.


1. No boys allowed. Sorry if that's sexist, but I'm mean like that, so deal with it.
2. They have to be pictures YOU or one of your friends took. Don't try and pass off copywrited work as your own.

That's it. Come on girls!

I thought I'd post!

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In just 3 weeks the U.S. Senate will come to a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment in support of or against President Bush's attempt to write discrimination into the U.S. Constitution. This critical moment in our nation's history will determine the future of GLBT rights so take action now and make your voice heard. Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace!

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Pass the message along, participation is crucial!!
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First Post!

This is a community for girls to join and post pictures of them and another girl. Or just them selves to find another girl. Umm. Not many rules. But heres a few.

1. You can join no matter what gender. However this is a "girls making out" community. Girls MUST post at least one picture of them.

2. Every post you make must be in lj cut format. If you don't know how to use the lj cut tags go to the FAQs and loook. They're not hard to use.

3. NO FAKES!!. If I find out the pictures you post are fake. Then you'll be booted the fuck out of this community. Be proud of how you look.

4. BE NICE!! Not everyone thinks the same about someone. Share your positive thoughts, and keep your negative thoughts to your self. Again, if your negative thoughts are found on this community, you will be booted. So be nice.

Those are the rules. Pretty simple ey? The biggest rule is the lj cut. Nobody likes going to their friends page and seeing big and sometimes 10 pictures of someone they could careless about. So please, use the lj cut. If you don't know how. Make a post about asking. You should find it in the FAQs though. It's very simple. Thank you.

- girlsmakingout -
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